Saturday, December 21, 2013

SG Social Media Guru: 3 Reasons Why Every Company Must do SEO ...

While SEO has been around since the day search engines were created, many Singapore business owners still do not use SEO in their social media marketing strategies.  This is surprising because studies have shown that 90% of all buying purchases involve at least a search on Google, Yahoo! or Bing.
If you are not yet convinced as to why companies need to use SEO, here are 3 reasons:
Reason #1: You need to stand-out on the web
There are over 633 million websites on the world wide web and, for any business you are in, there is likely no less than a few hundred competing websites. Research has shown that 97% of all online searches do not go beyond page 3 of Google. As such, you may have the nicest website or even the best product for sale, unless you are indexed and ranked in the top three pages, chances are nobody will ever know about your company.
Reason #2: Good Advertising ROI (Low Cost in Comparison to Google Adwords)
"Organic listings" are free. Once you are indexed and ranked well, you need not pay for any clicks to your site. Thus, in a sense, SEO is a gift that keeps on giving. Additionally, the result of SEO is long lasting as, unlike paid advertisements, your ranking does not suddenly disappear once you stop paying for it. Plus, from the perspective of credibility, a well ranked site is considered more "credible" that a Sponsored Site on Google Ads.
Reason #3: Your Competition is Doing It!
Many of your competitors already know about the benefits of SEO and they are using it. If you are not even ranked on the top three pages of any search engine, you are not even in the game. Acting like an ostrich with your head in the sand and telling yourself SEO is not important, only gives your competition more time to take away customers that should be yours.

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