Tuesday, December 17, 2013

SG Social Media Guru: SEO Tip - Allowing External Links on Your Blog's Comment

One of the strategies we teach at our social media workshops to generate blog traffic is to create inbound links from credible or authoritative blogs. A good link not only drives large amounts of traffic but can in some instances increase your page rank.
The question now is once you have started getting out of the "sandbox", and gained your own "authority", should you moderate other sites' links from your site.
Search Engines like Google are well aware of this SEO practice of using blog comments as "link farms". They are also aware that the blog owner is unable to prevent such links from happening. As such, Google is unlikely to penalise the blog owner if there are many outbound links on their site to spammy sites. Penalisation, if it does occur, will be to the linking site - but more on that in a separate post.
Thus, in our opinion, there is no harm in allowing any site to use your blog's comment section as a link farm. In fact, we would encourage it as having more comments and links makes your blog look popular to your readers. Having said that, we would however still recommend some form of moderation by blog owners. After all, you do not want your competitor having a link on your blog drawing potential customers away from you.

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