Sunday, December 22, 2013

SG Social Media Guru: Is achieving #1 in SERP important?

In consultations with clients about their social media marketing strategies, I am often asked if achieving #1 position on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is extremely important, or if being on page 1 alone is enough.
While there are studies that have shown that  90% of all clicks go to the #1 result, I personally disagree with the findings. This is because while search engines are good, they are not perfect and users know this. It is this weakness that make search engines attach an extract of the information available on the site with all their search results. Users of search engines are therefore likely to read the description before clicking on a result and not blindly click on the first result given by the search engine.
Additionally, as users typically view multiple websites during a search for information, they will also click on the other sites provided by the search engine. With this understanding of human behaviour, it is our position that being #1 is not necessary. A company just needs to be on page 1 to benefit from SEO.

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