Wednesday, December 25, 2013

SG Social Media Guru: How much do you charge for SEO Services?

When it come to SEO services, clients often have two questions - why do rates vary so much from company to company and from website to website?
Difference in rates from SEO company to SEO company is simply a function of labor costs. If your SEO consultant lives and works in Singapore, naturally his per hour rate will be much higher than a SEO consultant who lives in India. Fortunately, given the state of info-communication technology (ICT) today, businesses can now take advantage of the global asymmetries of salaries. A SEO consultancy in Singapore can now front the account and do all the back-end work overseas offering great value for the end-user. You may then be thinking of going direct and saving on the cost of the "middle-man". While this is entirely possible, doing so may not save you much as being a business partner, we get wholesale rates. Additionally, by going direct, unless you know much about SEO, your time, energy and effort spent on liaising with your contractor could be used more productively to drive and build your business instead.
As for the differences in quotes for different websites, this depends very much on the level of competition there is for the keywords to be optimized for (and to a lesser extent how much work is needed to adjust the programming of your website). Optimization for a website with keywords that are not competitive can be done for as little as SGD2,000, while on the other end of the spectrum, optimization for websites with highly competitive keywords can go as high as $10,000. The main cost factor is the amount of off-site SEO work required. The good news about engaging a SEO consultancy is that achieving page 1 Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is usually guaranteed or you'll get a full refund. So in a sense, there is no risk on your part.
In the end, engaging the services of an SEO agency is like paying for any professional service. Nothing good is ever cheap and as a business person you should know that. So select a SEO company you can trust and a consultant that you know or can work with. Saving a few dollars may seem wise on the surface, but when you add it all up (in terms of time and effort on your part), you may end up being "penny wise and pound foolish."
For a quote for our SEO services, email Justin[a] We are not the cheapest, but give you great value. "When you focus on price, you fail to see value. When you focus on value, price is not an issue."

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