Monday, December 30, 2013

SG Social Media Guru: Employees as brand ambassadors

Somehow, when it comes to planning a social media campaign, many businesses forget that their employees are the perfect brand ambassadors. The employee not only knows about the product but also has a vested interested in helping the company succeed.

Social marketing is all about networks and a company that is new to social media has to inevitability spend time and money to develop a following. Statics show that most Facebook users have an average of 342 friends (with the 18 to 24 year old demographics having 510). The top Facebook fan page in Singapore is owned by Samsung with 278,061 Singapore fans, while in contrast, the Singapore Army with a strength of over 200,000 (active and NSmen) personnel and only has 20,153 fans.
Assuming the Singapore Army trained its personnel to be brand ambassadors. The numbers would be startling. A simple calculation shows that the Singapore Army would have a potential reach of over 68 million (200,000 multiplied by 342). Of course, you will need to discount overlapping friends and those that refuse to be ambassadors, etc. But the point remains that even with a 20% participation rate, the numbers are still staggering.
While the numbers may not be so dramatic for a small business, the impact of simply training your 5 to 10 employees to be brand ambassadors is also not trivial. If 5 employees share something daily about your company with 342 of their friends, you will already be reaching out to 1,710 potential customers. For a small company, those numbers are not small. And, if you train your employees on how to create viral posts, you are now tapping on the geometric progression of the 342 friends of the 342 friends.
My caveat is this. The numbers I have used are impressive but they are theoretical. What I am saying is that organizations have at their disposal a huge potential source of social marketing power. So the next time you are planning a social media campaign, don't ignore your employees.
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