Tuesday, December 31, 2013

SG Social Media Guru: Can you actually make money online? A true story of a Singapore serial entrepreneur ...

Can you actually make money online? Since my early retirement from the Singapore Armed Forces in 2011, I have been working as a social media consultant where my primary role has been to help small businesses use social media platforms to position as well as publicize their product and services. Even as I work in the social media space, I have remained skeptical about people's claims of making money on the internet. I believed that all these were just Ponzi or MLM schemes where the founders made money from the people dumb enough to buy their hype. Being a businessman, I believed, and still believe, that money can only be made when true value is exchanged i.e. people only pay when you give them something they value.
The Challenge
All this changed recently when a close friend challenged me. He said, "Justin you tell people that you are a social marketing consultant and that you can help them make money using social media platforms. Have you actually made any money yourself? Or is all your work and frameworks theoretical?" I was stunned. He was right. I talked the talked, but did not walk the talk. Angry but humbled, I set myself the challenge to prove that I could use my knowledge, experience and frameworks to make money online.
To make the challenge meaningful (and to show that anyone can do it), I set myself the constraint that I would not be allowed to use any money to build the online business - apart from the cost of an internet connection of course. Thus, if I could actually earn any money, it will be because of the skills, knowledge and frameworks which I have developed.

The Outcome
The outcome of that challenge was the creation of 2 blogs - SG Wedding Guru and SG Tutors. Today, I am proud to announce that I have succeeded! Using just my knowledge and my social marketing frameworks, I have monetized both blogs.
Having reached "initial maturity", I started phase 3 (monetization) 2 weeks ago. Since then, in the past one week alone, I have earn a combined income of $416 from SG Wedding Guru and SG Tutors. Nothing phenomenal you might say, but if you consider that the money was earned without spending a single cent on my part, I think it is. Also, it is just my 1st week's earnings and I am confident that these earning, while meager now, will grow as the value of the blogs grow and they enter the maturity phase. My assessment is that I will be able to able to comfortably earn around $5,000 a month working just 1 or 2 hours a day on these 2 blogs.
I can therefore now conclusively tell you that yes, it is possible to make money online with zero dollars - if you know how.
What Now?
Now that I have proven that my knowledge and framework works, I believe even more strongly that I can help Singapore small businesses succeed. If you are a small business in Singapore striving for that break-through, I can help. Additionally, if you are an individual who wants to be financially independent, I can also coach you to succeed. Following the steps that I have taken, I will help you identify, build and monetize your own online business so that you can make money online.
We guarantee that you will earn a minimum of SGD5 per day everyday!

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