Thursday, December 19, 2013

SG Social Media Guru: Another example on the need for awarness training

SGAG published a clarification to a story run on STOMP about how a Singapore Armed Force's (SAF) soldier was seen to make a young child carry his gear.  While the clarification by SGAG ended with a "positive" ending for the SAF, time and resources were wasted in tracking the soldier down, getting the truth behind the picture and then making the clarification.
If you are a for-profit organization, this is time and money which could have been better spent on revenue generating activities.  The proliferation of social media has created the phenomenon of citizen journalism.  You can therefore be certain that anything you do, anywhere it is done and at whatever time it occurs, if it is "newsworthy" someone will post it on social media. What fuels this phenomenon is that online platforms like STOMP pay netizens for stories they publishes.
Social Media Awareness Training is therefore no longer a luxury, but a must have for all employees.  To organize an in-house talk for your organization, contact our consultants at justin[a]

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