Saturday, December 14, 2013

How to Use Facebook's Events App Correctly

SG Sales Guru suggests that Facebook is arguably the largest, and hence, most powerful social media marketing platform due to its size.  Unfortunately, many business owners are unable to monetize their fan base as they lack the knowledge.
One area is the use of Facebook events app.  SG Sales Guru noted that when it comes to using the events app, many business owners adopt a "post and forget" strategy.  This is the wrong strategy and it does not leverage on Facebook's strengths.
To find out how you can use Facebook's events app correctly, follow this link:


  1. Our Social Media Networksare crowded with hell of apps and it is hard to distinguish which one really suits to you and it is also tough to know whether the app is harmless or not.

    1. You are absolutely right. Hence I always tell my clients it is my job to know and that is why they are paying me. As for how I know it is from constant research and real world application with real clients. Having a network of social media partners also helps.


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