Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Can a change in corporate logo change your company's fortune?

Many successful businessmen around the world believe in the power of fenghui. A quick search on the world wide web will show you a veritable list of the who's who. Being Asian, I have heard and know about the power of fengshui. Unfortunately for reasons unknown, I did not pay much heed to incorporating it into my business.
Since I started my consultancy in early 2012, business has been okay but at times a struggle. No matter what I did, I simply could not get that big break-through account. That is until serendipity happened earlier this month. Out of the blue, my business partner (who does all my back-end work in India) offered to design a new logo for my business. Not one to turn down a freebie, I agreed. But this time something told me that I needed to incorporate fengshui into the design.
With nothing to lose, I engaged the assistance of a geomancer. Based on my BaZi, I was told that I had too much "wood" elements and that to succeed in business I needed to balance that. This was then translated into colors and shapes and images that I should incorporate into my logo. My creative brief to the designer was thus, use red (symbolizing fire) and have "metal" in the design to counter the wood, and if possible include 8s as it symbolizes prosperity.
Small business logo incorporating fengshui elements in the design
The design that was finally developed and adopted by me is shown above. Much to my delight, it included the red I needed, the metallic element in the "ribbons" and the double 8s. Perfect! :)
You may not believe it, but since I started using the new logo, business has increased significantly. In the past month, I finally signed a new five figure deal for a stalled project I had been pursing for 3 months; I received 2 Invitations to Quote (one of which is also a five figure annual contract); been shortlisted for a major project in July 2014; and I have just received another referral for another five figure six month contract. If successful, the business generated within this past month alone will account for as much as my business for the last 6 months combined.
Fengshui is a powerful edge that any business can use to succeed. I share this personal story not to impress you, but to impress upon you what you can achieve with the use of fengshui in your company logo. As a true believer, I have now extended my company's communication services to include a logo design service incorporating the use of fengshui. If you are a business owner in need of a turn around, or a start-up seeking that extra edge, drop me an email at justin[a] Our Fenghui Logo Package costs only $388 (usual price $888).


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