Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Social Media Training for Employees (Singapore): Why it is a must ….

I came across this story on STOMP earlier this morning and I must say that the positive impact of a simple act by an employee has done more than any PR campaign can hope to accomplish.

Coming from a "neutral" third party, this image of a parking enforcement officer helping a frail old lady alight from a taxi in a no-parking zone shows that they are only humans doing an unpleasant job.

I am not sure if the CISCO officer received social media awareness training, but the exact opposite could have become a PR nightmare.  Imagine if instead of helping, the CISCO officer insisted that the taxi could not stop there and then stood by watching as the old lady struggled to alight.  The image taken and the accompanying headline would have been extremely damaging.

With the proliferation of smart-phones and social media, every employee is now a PR tool for an organization.  Train and equip them with the knowledge and they will pull off amazing acts like the one above, or ignore the need to train them and wait for disaster to happen.


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