Saturday, November 2, 2013

Social Media Marketing Tip for Singapore Businesses: Seed and Stoke Approach

As recent as only a year ago, CW Fong & Associates noticed a trend in which social media stories have begun leading traditional media.  This is great news for companies skilled in the use of social media marketing as it now affords them the opportunity to get noticed and featured on traditional media.

In the past, news agencies are inundated with literally thousands of news releases a day. The probability of catching the attention of the editor and getting featured is akin to winning a lottery.  And, depending on the editor's agenda and what he/ she thinks is important, he/ she decides what people get to read about.  Even if a product or service is revolutionary and will benefit thousands, an editor's personal bias may see your news release binned.

This is where Social Media comes in.  If a company is creative in its use of social media, the company independently can create sufficient online buzz such that editors of traditional media cannot ignore it.  This will then result in press coverage which will in turn give the company much needed credibility and mass awareness.

One technique CWFA uses effectively is the "seed and stoke" approach.  In this approach, the company (or its social media consultancy) will seed a story and then stoke it by generating conversations on online forums, blogs and citizen journalist sites.  The key in successfully pulling this off is pre-determining the desired conversations and then putting in the necessary manpower to guide the trajectory of the conversations.

Executed correctly, the 'seed and stoke' approach will enable the company to generate online buzz and secure traditional news coverage.  A win on all fronts.


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  1. Interesting post.
    The risks are there, but I can see the upside if it is pulled off well.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. You are most welcome KeUpJoshua. Let us know your experience using this approach. Cheers!

  3. Fabulous Aesthetics recently launched a social media buzz campaign titled "bikini girls vs carpark aunty". ( I must admit that the topic was well selected and the content well made.

    The campaign however failed to go viral as (from what I can tell), FA did not "stoke" after "seeding". In an ideal world, there is no need to stoke, however we do not live in an ideal world. :)


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