Thursday, November 7, 2013

Social Media in Singapore: Buzz Campaign by Fabulous Aesthetics - Bikini Girls vs Carpark Aunty

Fabulous Aesthetics (FA) just launched a social media buzz campaign titled Bikini Girls vs Carpark Aunty.

Playing on a recent news event, the PR team at FA has done a great job and have demonstrated how a little creativity, a small investment and the use of social media can bring tremendous publicity to a company.

At CW Fong & Associates, we help clients to plan and execute such campaigns.  Our campaigns are based on an understanding of what encourages sharing on social media.  From our experience, topics that do go viral are those related to:

a. Social Capital
b. Topical
c. Emotional
d. Practical

In the case of FA, they have used both topical and social capital.  Topical as the subject was something in the news recently, and social capital as people look good sharing things that are funny and trendy.

So if you are a Singapore small business owner and you need a publicity boost, social media is your answer.  If you are going it alone, try doing something that builds social capital, is topical, generates extreme emotions and offers practical tips.  If on the other hand, you need help, contact our consultants at justin[a]

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