Monday, October 7, 2013

The #1 Social Media Consultant for Pubs in Singapore

Sandie Lim the manager of several Pubs turns to CW Fong & Associates (CWFA) to handle the social media marketing of all her establishments - Pub Glassy, Club Glassy and Pub Casablanca.  According to Sandie, CWFA is the natural choice as we are able to bring immediate awareness to Singaporean males.  

CWFA is able to do this as our social media marketing campaigns not only use PAID and EARNED media, but also OWNED media.  Over the past 2 years, CWFA has actively developed our own media channels.  Combined, our own media channels have a reach of no less than 100,000 Singaporeans.

All Singapore SMEs, especially the start-ups, are tight for cash. Thus while Social Media is effective, it does take time for a social media network to grow to the stage where it can bring value to the organization.  By developing and owning our own channels, CWFA can bring immediate awareness to our client's product and services while they build their own networks.

If you are a Singapore business owner and would like to find out how CWFA can help you, email justin(a)


  1. Thanks for sharing your secret "sauce" - combined use of paid, earned and owned.

    Given that start-ups and small businesses don't have deep pockets, your use of OWNED media channels is brilliant.

  2. Dear Business Owners,

    Recognising your busy schedules, we now offer social media marketing coaching. This will enable us to work with you at times and a pace comfortable to you.

    eMail Justin[a]


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