Friday, October 11, 2013

Social Media Skills Workshop Singapore

Being trained in the use of social media is an essential skill-set of any business owner and marketing professional.  The proliferation of social media and the increasing reliance of consumers on social media to make buying decisions, means that social media cannot be ignored.  Anecdotal evidence suggests that as much as 90% of all buying decisions now involve some form of social media.

For small businesses that lack big marketing budgets, smart and creative use of social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter, coupled with effective keyword campaign on blogger or wordpress, allows them to "punch above their weight".  Unlike traditional media where deep pockets matter, social media is a great unifier where any company can dominate all for the price of an internet connection.

CW Fong & Associates is a leading consultant and trainer in the use of social media for Singapore Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).  Our workshops have trained literally hundreds of small business owners and our team currently provides strategic counsel (and undertakes the social media campaigns) of dozens of Singapore SMEs.

For more information on our programmes, contact our Principal Consultant at justin(a)


  1. We fully agree with your assessment that social media skills is the next essential skill set for marketing professionals.

    SG Corporate Training

    1. Thanks SG CorporateTraining. It is always nice to receive positive feedback about our work. Cheers!


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