Thursday, October 17, 2013

Social Media Selling Skills: Prospecting and Selling via Facebook for Financial Consultants (Singapore)

Come 1 January 2014, Singapore's Data Privacy Laws will come into effect.  Traditional methods of prospecting and selling used by Financial Consultants (and real estate agents) via email marketing, SMS marketing and cold-calling will become more difficult as users will be required to check the Do Not Call Registry.

One good alternative is the use of Social Media.  CW Fong & Associates has over the years developed a training programme that leverages on Facebook to help Financial Consultants (FC) prospect for and sell to new clients.  One such technique we teach is what we have termed "spearing".

In the use of spearing, instead of spamming thousands via email and SMS, or cold-calling dozens of people a day, the FC simply uses his Facebook network to "trawl" for high-potential prospects.  Once identified, the FC will then initiate contact and offer the needed financial product.  As many FCs can attest, in the sale of financial products, timing and immediate needs are two of the strongest factors that translates into sales.  Thus, through the use of our spearing technique, a FC can literally prospect hundreds of people daily all from the comforts of his or her own home using Facebook (and other social media platform).

1 January 2014 will be a game-changer for the Singapore financial planning and real estate industries.  Stay ahead of your competition by starting to sell via social media now.

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