Friday, October 25, 2013

Social Media Marketing Tip for Singapore Business: Use Trending Words like "Ashley Madison" to Drive Traffic

One simple technique to attract traffic to your site is to use trending words in your blog titles and tweets.  And in Singapore, the current trending keyword phrase is "Ashley Madison Singapore".  

Now, we are aware that some people might find such a technique unethical, but how different is this from a newspaper advertisement that shows you a picture of a sexy girl to catch your attention before moving on to talk about how much your mother misses you or how you could do with a better hair-cut or deodorant?

Advertising students are taught the acronym AIDA when designing advertisements.  Essentially, the school of thought is that a good advertisement must ATTRACT the audience attention, create sufficient INTEREST so that the audience reads the ad, have good copy so as to generate DESIRE for the product or service, and end with a call to ACTION.  In the online world, the use of trending keywords is, in our opinion, the equivalent of attracting and creating interest in the above formulae.

Having said that, we at CW Fong & Associates are pro-marriage and find the service Ashley Madison offers controversial to say the least.  We are however also firm believers in the freedom to choose and hence, while we may disagree with what Ashley Madison stands for, we nonetheless respect their decision to open an office in Singapore.  After all, they are a business concern and if there was no demand, they will not have lasted nor grown since their start-up.


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