Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Social Media Marketing Singapore: If you are not online, you are losing out ...

Anecdotal evidence suggests that up to 90% of all buying decisions today involve some form of social media query. If you company is not online, it is losing valuable traffic and business.
Here is an effective SEO tip on improving the Search Engine Ranking of your company’s website …

Google assumes that a page that is referenced by another page provides “quality” contents. The better the ranking of the referencing page, the better the “reference”. One SEO technique is to comment on popular blogs and signing off with your page’s URL.

Using this simple technique and keyword phrases, we were able to obtain multiple Google Page 1 ranking for our client.  To learn how you too can achieve this for your company's website, join our social media marketing workshop. Contact justin(a) for details.

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  1. Thanks for the tip. We used it and our blog was ranked on page 3 of Yahoo only after 4 days of blogging. We are certain that as we continue, the position will continue to rise. Thanks. Corporate Training SG


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