Thursday, October 17, 2013

Review: Social Media Marketing with Singapore SMEs - Use of Twitter

In all our consults with Singapore small business owners, we always advocate the use of the social media trinity - Facebook, Blog and Twitter.  Many business owners will inevitably question the use of Twitter due to its transient nature.

What they fail to realize is that Twitter is the only platform that is directly pushed out into cyberspace and that no "intermediary" is required for someone to see the Tweet - in Facebook you need a fan base, and in blogs you need a Search Engine to index the post.

Thus, while tedious in the beginning, Twitter blasts play a crucial role in the initial stages of any successful social media campaign.  In fact, well-crafted tweets not only help build fans on Facebook and also help in improving search engine rankings for the company's blog.

In CW Fong & Associates' social media campaigns for our clients, we use the following ratios as a guide for our focus:

Initial Stage:   70% Twitter: 20% Facebook: 10% Blogs
Mid Stage:      50% Twitter: 30% Facebook: 20% Blogs
Mature Stage: 20% Twitter: 50% Facebook: 30% Blogs

To find out how CW Fong & Associates can help you build your business, contact our Social Media Consultants at justin(a)  Our rates are extremely affordable.


  1. @Elijah: Yes, you should. Check-out platforms like Hootsuite to "automate" the process ... Good luck!

  2. @Elijah: Almost forgot. Check out our 19 Jun 2013 post on how to build a targeted Twitter following.

  3. Marketing is possibly the most important activity a business can partake in.

    1. You are absolutely right, Michael. Without sales and marketing there will be no cash flow. And without cash, no company can survive.


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