Friday, October 18, 2013

Review: Social Media Marketing Ideas in Singapore - Forget Facebook

I bet the title caught your attention.  :)

In our social media consultations and audits of social media campaigns, many Singapore start-ups rely almost exclusively on Facebook. While Facebook is good for engaging customers, as I have mentioned in my earlier post, Facebook is not effective during the start of a social media campaign.  Why?  Simply because without a large fan-base, the reach is simply not there.

This is why knowing the strengths and limitations of each platform is important.  Facebook is great as an engagement tool as it allows "conversations" between the company and the customer.  Additionally, once the customer becomes a fan on Facebook, Facebook allows the company to readily "push" information to the customer.  Unfortunately, at the start of a social media campaign, the critical mass is not there to be effective.

So if you are a start-up, by all means build a Facebook page.  You should however focus more on Twitter and your blog as these two platforms will give you the "publicity" your start-up needs to succeed.

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