Monday, October 21, 2013

Singapore Social Media Marketing Success Story

CW Fong & Associates (CWFA) is happy to announce that Mervin Yeo's Pursue MBA Workshop on 25 Oct 2013 is fully booked.  As of yesterday, 1 week from the start of our social media campaign, all 40 seats have been taken up.

As Mervin's social media marketing partner, CWFA used 2 key techniques to accomplish this - target market segment analysis and usage of a combination of earn and owned media platforms.

In the former, we identified the target market's needs and matched it with Mervin's unique selling proposition. All ads were designed to highlight the need and then present Mervin as the solution.  For the latter, we reached out through channels where the target market segment would use.  This was not limited to Facebook, but involved Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogs.

Social Media Marketing has the potential to be both efficient and effective.  Knowledge and experience is what sets the professionals apart from the wannabes.  To find out how CWFA can help you grow your business via social media marketing, or to attend one of our workshops, email our consultants at justin[a]

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