Sunday, October 20, 2013

Review: Social Media Courses in Singapore

When designing our social media workshops for small business owners, CW Fong & Associates started by conducting a market gap analysis by researching the training programmes currently being offered in Singapore.

One gap consistently stood out - all of the other programmes were taught by academics. While theory is good, real world application is what really matters and this is where we excel.

CWFA is first and foremost a social media marketing consultancy. On average, we actively manage the social media marketing campaigns of over a dozen Singapore businesses at any one time. The knowledge gained from our real world application is assimilated and then taught to our course participants. Course participants therefore learn first hand what works and what doesn't and this can often mean the difference between business success and failure.  Additionally, based on our pool of clients, CWFA is in a unique position to help you cross-market your product or service.

So if you are interested to learn real world social media marketing from working professionals, contact us at justin[a]

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