Sunday, October 27, 2013

Political Commentary about Singapore's Government

We were recently asked if our blog was a political website similar to TR Emeritus, The Online Citizen, or the Singapore Alternatives.  When asked why the reader drew this conclusion, he pointed out that the most of the popular threads were related to political issues.

This is not a surprising conclusion to draw as, besides sex, political commentaries are the second most popular topics amongst Singaporeans.  Thus, it is not surprising that our top posts will be related to politics in Singapore.

Let us state emphatically that we are not a political blog.  As Singapore is not a country that faces crisis on a daily basis, CW Fong & Associates merely uses "political" examples to draw lessons for crisis communications.  We have not, and do not intend, to be a political blog.

Thanks for the comment and feedback.  It is always great to hear from our readers.

Admin, CWFA

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