Saturday, October 26, 2013

Business Networking: How to Use Social Media to Network Effectively in Singapore

As a Singaporean business owner, I am constantly being invited to join business networking groups.  The often heard refrain is that knowing more people will bring more business.  While I cannot disagree that knowing more people may bring more business, I also cannot agree that knowing more people has indeed brought me more of the right business.

At this risk of getting flamed, I strongly believe that joining business networking groups is a waste of time.  This is because the only people at these sessions are other struggling business owners who are themselves looking for that big break through other business owners.  And as struggling business owners, the influence they exert and the networks they have will not likely be at the level that you need to achieve your business break through.

If you think about it, to get a business break through, all you really need is one door to open for you.  Once that door opens, Malcolm Gladwell's theory of the cumulative advantage will take over, and you should well be on your way to success.  As such, I believe that it is more important to meet the right person who can then open that proverbial door for you. 
This is where social media comes in.  In the past, meeting the "right" person was difficult.  Being influential and important people, they were surrounded by gate-keepers and you required great perseverance and good luck to speak with the person.  Now, with social media, most have their own Facebook, Blogs and Tweeter accounts.  You will be surprised to note that many of these influentials still personally manage their social media accounts.  Networking to open the right door is now as simple as researching on the internet for the "right" connection, sending them a Facebook message or Tweet asking for their help.

I am not saying that everyone of them will respond to you.  However, if you plead your case well and you are genuine, the chances are there.  I did it and my influential responded.  He then made the right introduction and with his "endorsement" and I am now enjoying the fruits of networking effectively.
So there you have it.  Network if you have to, but do remember it is not a numbers game.  Seek out the right influential (using social media) and cultivate a relationship with him or her.  This is the way to network effectively in Singapore.
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