Thursday, October 24, 2013

Against the Opening of a Ashley Madison Office in Singapore? You have been used ...

If you are against the opening of a Ashely Madison office in Singapore next year and have been expressing your views on social media, guess what?  You have been used.  

While I cannot say for certain that it was staged, indignant Singaporeans who have jumped on the band-wagon have inevitability given Ashley Madison the needed publicity.  Without having to spend a single cent on advertising, it is safe to say that almost all  Singaporeans now know about their opening next year.

I use this as an example to highlight the power of courting controversy.  A small business, without a large A&P budget, can use creativity to create a buzz over their business.  Of course, the "right" controversy must be courted so that a "positive" outcome can be "spun" from it.  In fact, the recent resignation of the courtesy lion is a case in point.  While clouded in controversy, no one can say that they did not hear about it and, for a brief moment, the issue of courtesy was the topic of conversation around the coffee table.

So, as I always tell my clients, do not fear publicity.  Publicity is free A&P and as long as you are able to manage it, there is only upside.


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