Sunday, October 27, 2013

Affordable SEO for Small Business Owners in Singapore and the US

In highly competitive markets like the United States, top search engine ranking for small businesses can often mean the difference between success and failure.  Unfortunately, good SEO is not cheap and many start-ups do not have the funds to engage a SEO company to optimize their sites.

CW Fong & Associates (CWFA), a Singapore-based social media consultancy has recently launched a novel solution aimed at helping small businesses in the US.  Capitalizing on the asymmetries of global salaries, CWFA can undertake search marketing campaigns to create page 1 rankings on Google for our client's company at extremely affordable rates.

Our strategy is to create and seed contents on a related blog to achieve high search engine rankings for a series of keywords.  The blog will then link the reader back to our client's website.  There are many advantages to this strategy.  To name a few ...

(a) lower costs as no web programming is required
(b) does not affect the look and feel of the main website allowing for maximum creativity
(c) affords clients the ability to optimize for more keywords
(d) there is a hint of the referral effect
(e) it is highly possible to achieve multiple page 1 rankings for the same keyword
(f) speed in being indexed (usually 3 weeks as opposed to 2 months)

While we do advocate a sustained effort to maintain top rankings, a 1-month campaign is sufficient to achieve good rankings for our client and to drive traffic to the site.  Our fees are only USD800 and this includes the following (there are many more which we cannot reveal as they techniques that gives us our competitive edge)

(a) daily posting of original contents optimized for the desired keywords (between 50 to 60 articles within the month)
(b) selected back-linking from pages with good SEO rankings
(c) daily Twitter blasts to "bubble" the desired site

Our Work

CWFA was able to assist a local client achieve top Google Page 1 ranking for keywords in the highly competitive adult industry.  At its peak, the desired keyword phrase appeared 4 times on page 1 driving tremendous traffic to our client's site.


For more information about our SEO services to US-based companies, contact our social media consultants at justin[a]

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