Monday, October 28, 2013

Social Media Marketing Tip for Singapore Businesses: How to Generate Immediate Traffic to your Website

If you have been following our blog, you will have realized that we have been emphasizing the use of Twitter and Blogs for start-ups.  We acknowledge that Facebook is useful, but we believe that Facebook's value is in engaging an existing client base, and Facebook is not ideal for creating that client base.

Besides using Twitter, another effective method of generating traffic to your company's website is to comment on highly ranked relevant forums.  If the forum is relevant, and you provide an interesting perspective while soft-selling your own company, you will be amazed by how much traffic that one comment can bring.  Additionally, as the page is ranked-well, a back-link from that page to your site will definitely help in your own page rank.

One great comment I have seen, and use regularly myself, is to compliment the blogger on his interesting perspectives on an issue.  You can even thank the blogger for setting-up and maintaining a really useful blog.  Whichever one you use, as you are not "selling" something, the chances of the blogger approving your comment is much higher.  The secret in doing this is to sign-off with a hyperlink to your site.  This hyperlink is created by using the following html ...

<a href="">this site</a>

So your comment will look as such ...

Thanks for your interesting perspective on the issue of SEO for Singapore Small Business Owner.  As a social media consultant myself, I cannot agree more with you.  Keep up the great work and I look forward to your next post.  <a href="">CW Fong</a>

If approved, the comment will look like this ...

Thanks for your interesting perspective on the issue of SEO for Singapore Small Business Owner.  As a social media consultant myself, I cannot agree more with you.  Keep up the great work and I look forward to your next post.  CW Fong

Try it!  You will be amazed!  :)


If you require coaching or consultation on the use of social media to grow your business, contact our consultants at justin[a]

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Political Commentary about Singapore's Government

We were recently asked if our blog was a political website similar to TR Emeritus, The Online Citizen, or the Singapore Alternatives.  When asked why the reader drew this conclusion, he pointed out that the most of the popular threads were related to political issues.

This is not a surprising conclusion to draw as, besides sex, political commentaries are the second most popular topics amongst Singaporeans.  Thus, it is not surprising that our top posts will be related to politics in Singapore.

Let us state emphatically that we are not a political blog.  As Singapore is not a country that faces crisis on a daily basis, CW Fong & Associates merely uses "political" examples to draw lessons for crisis communications.  We have not, and do not intend, to be a political blog.

Thanks for the comment and feedback.  It is always great to hear from our readers.

Admin, CWFA

Affordable SEO for Small Business Owners in Singapore and the US

In highly competitive markets like the United States, top search engine ranking for small businesses can often mean the difference between success and failure.  Unfortunately, good SEO is not cheap and many start-ups do not have the funds to engage a SEO company to optimize their sites.

CW Fong & Associates (CWFA), a Singapore-based social media consultancy has recently launched a novel solution aimed at helping small businesses in the US.  Capitalizing on the asymmetries of global salaries, CWFA can undertake search marketing campaigns to create page 1 rankings on Google for our client's company at extremely affordable rates.

Our strategy is to create and seed contents on a related blog to achieve high search engine rankings for a series of keywords.  The blog will then link the reader back to our client's website.  There are many advantages to this strategy.  To name a few ...

(a) lower costs as no web programming is required
(b) does not affect the look and feel of the main website allowing for maximum creativity
(c) affords clients the ability to optimize for more keywords
(d) there is a hint of the referral effect
(e) it is highly possible to achieve multiple page 1 rankings for the same keyword
(f) speed in being indexed (usually 3 weeks as opposed to 2 months)

While we do advocate a sustained effort to maintain top rankings, a 1-month campaign is sufficient to achieve good rankings for our client and to drive traffic to the site.  Our fees are only USD800 and this includes the following (there are many more which we cannot reveal as they techniques that gives us our competitive edge)

(a) daily posting of original contents optimized for the desired keywords (between 50 to 60 articles within the month)
(b) selected back-linking from pages with good SEO rankings
(c) daily Twitter blasts to "bubble" the desired site

Our Work

CWFA was able to assist a local client achieve top Google Page 1 ranking for keywords in the highly competitive adult industry.  At its peak, the desired keyword phrase appeared 4 times on page 1 driving tremendous traffic to our client's site.


For more information about our SEO services to US-based companies, contact our social media consultants at justin[a]

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Business Networking: How to Use Social Media to Network Effectively in Singapore

As a Singaporean business owner, I am constantly being invited to join business networking groups.  The often heard refrain is that knowing more people will bring more business.  While I cannot disagree that knowing more people may bring more business, I also cannot agree that knowing more people has indeed brought me more of the right business.

At this risk of getting flamed, I strongly believe that joining business networking groups is a waste of time.  This is because the only people at these sessions are other struggling business owners who are themselves looking for that big break through other business owners.  And as struggling business owners, the influence they exert and the networks they have will not likely be at the level that you need to achieve your business break through.

If you think about it, to get a business break through, all you really need is one door to open for you.  Once that door opens, Malcolm Gladwell's theory of the cumulative advantage will take over, and you should well be on your way to success.  As such, I believe that it is more important to meet the right person who can then open that proverbial door for you. 
This is where social media comes in.  In the past, meeting the "right" person was difficult.  Being influential and important people, they were surrounded by gate-keepers and you required great perseverance and good luck to speak with the person.  Now, with social media, most have their own Facebook, Blogs and Tweeter accounts.  You will be surprised to note that many of these influentials still personally manage their social media accounts.  Networking to open the right door is now as simple as researching on the internet for the "right" connection, sending them a Facebook message or Tweet asking for their help.

I am not saying that everyone of them will respond to you.  However, if you plead your case well and you are genuine, the chances are there.  I did it and my influential responded.  He then made the right introduction and with his "endorsement" and I am now enjoying the fruits of networking effectively.
So there you have it.  Network if you have to, but do remember it is not a numbers game.  Seek out the right influential (using social media) and cultivate a relationship with him or her.  This is the way to network effectively in Singapore.
To learn more about how to network effectively, attend Mervin Yeo's Pursue M.B.A. (Motivated Business Acquisition) Workshop.

Mervin Yeo is hailed by a Straits Times journalist as the Networking Guru.  Mervin coaches business owners and marketing professionals to create purposeful business relationships through referral marketing.  He is the author of "Purposeful Networking for Introverts" and a contributing author in Masters of Networking, a New York Times best-seller.

Attend Mervin's Pursue M.B.A. workshop and learn how to attract referrals effortlessly by harnessing the power of word of mouth marketing to grow your business.

To register, email sandy[at]  Or like us on Facebook to stay up dated on future courses.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Social Media Marketing Tip for Singapore Business: Use Trending Words like "Ashley Madison" to Drive Traffic

One simple technique to attract traffic to your site is to use trending words in your blog titles and tweets.  And in Singapore, the current trending keyword phrase is "Ashley Madison Singapore".  

Now, we are aware that some people might find such a technique unethical, but how different is this from a newspaper advertisement that shows you a picture of a sexy girl to catch your attention before moving on to talk about how much your mother misses you or how you could do with a better hair-cut or deodorant?

Advertising students are taught the acronym AIDA when designing advertisements.  Essentially, the school of thought is that a good advertisement must ATTRACT the audience attention, create sufficient INTEREST so that the audience reads the ad, have good copy so as to generate DESIRE for the product or service, and end with a call to ACTION.  In the online world, the use of trending keywords is, in our opinion, the equivalent of attracting and creating interest in the above formulae.

Having said that, we at CW Fong & Associates are pro-marriage and find the service Ashley Madison offers controversial to say the least.  We are however also firm believers in the freedom to choose and hence, while we may disagree with what Ashley Madison stands for, we nonetheless respect their decision to open an office in Singapore.  After all, they are a business concern and if there was no demand, they will not have lasted nor grown since their start-up.


For more information on how you can use social media to grow your business, contact our consultants at justin[a]

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Against the Opening of a Ashley Madison Office in Singapore? You have been used ...

If you are against the opening of a Ashely Madison office in Singapore next year and have been expressing your views on social media, guess what?  You have been used.  

While I cannot say for certain that it was staged, indignant Singaporeans who have jumped on the band-wagon have inevitability given Ashley Madison the needed publicity.  Without having to spend a single cent on advertising, it is safe to say that almost all  Singaporeans now know about their opening next year.

I use this as an example to highlight the power of courting controversy.  A small business, without a large A&P budget, can use creativity to create a buzz over their business.  Of course, the "right" controversy must be courted so that a "positive" outcome can be "spun" from it.  In fact, the recent resignation of the courtesy lion is a case in point.  While clouded in controversy, no one can say that they did not hear about it and, for a brief moment, the issue of courtesy was the topic of conversation around the coffee table.

So, as I always tell my clients, do not fear publicity.  Publicity is free A&P and as long as you are able to manage it, there is only upside.


CW Fong & Associates is a communications consultancy with a core competency is crisis management.  For information about our in-house crisis communications in the era of social media workshops, email our consultants at justin[a]

Social Media Jobs (Singapore)

CW Fong & Associates is a boutique PR Consultancy specializing in social media marketing.  One facet of what we do is help business' with their Facebook marketing.

In order to help our clients build their fan base more rapidly we are looking for "Facebook Page Champions" to help 'like' and 'share' our client's Facebook postings.  To qualify as an Page Champion, you will need to have at least 1,000 Facebook friends.

What do I need to do?   All that is required, is for you to 'like' our client's page and whenever you see their Facebook post, 'like' and 'share' it with your friends. This is on average once per day.

What will I be paid?  We pay our Page Champions monthly, at the rate of SGD0.01 per fan per client.  Thus, assuming you have 2,000 fans and we make you Page Champion for 5 clients, you will earn an income of $100 per month. All for simply doing what you already do.  Payment is made at the end of the month and the fan number used will be based on the number correct as at the 1st of every month. Do note that we do expect our Page Champions to achieve at least a 90% 'like' and 'share' rate. Failure to do so, may result in you being dropped from the scheme and payment being pro-rated.  Having said that, we believe in the honor system and we trust that you will hold up your end of the bargain.

How are clients assigned?  Clients assigned will be based on your demographics.

Are there any terms and conditions? In order to maximise the word-of-mouth effect, we request that you do not openly disclose that you are a paid Page Champion for our clients' products/ services.

How do I sign-up?  If you are agreeable to the above terms and conditions and wish to join us as a Page Champion, email the following information to justin[a]

a.         Facebook name:
b.         Full Name (as in NRIC) for cheque payment:
c.         NRIC for our accounting purposes:
d.         Mobile No.:
e.         Mailing Address for the cheque payment:

We will then make an assessment of the demographics you match, and assign you the appropriate client’s Facebook page.

A Singapore Social Media Consultant's View on Using Google Adwords - Don't!!!!

In a recent audit of a client's social media strategy, I noted their extensive use of Google Adwords to drive traffic to their website.  When I enquired as the how much they spend, the amount was a staggering SGD300+ a month.  Okay, you might say SGD300 is not much, but it is relative as their entire A&P budget is only SGD500 per month.

As social media consultant, I have two problems with the use of Google Adwords.  Firstly, besides being costly, I strongly believe that there is "adword blindness".  In other words, I believe many people ignore the ads simply because it is an advertisement just like people flip channels on TV when a commercial comes on.  Secondly, adwords are a recurrent expense.  That is to say, as long as you want your ad to appear at the top of the page, you will have to continue to pay Google.

So what is my solution?  SEO or, if you do not have the time and budget, a simple blog optimized for keywords will do.  If done correctly, a website that is indexed and well-ranked by Google will have the same (if not better) results than using adwords.  And the best part, it is free.


For more information on how you can use social media to grow your business, email our consultants at justin[a]

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Launch of Client's eCommerce Website (Gu Ma Jia Singapore)

CW Fong & Associates is pleased to announce the completion and launch of our client's new e-Commerce website - Gu Ma Jia.

The site was revamped to highlight the company's "strengths" like the awards they have won and the many positive blogger reviews.  In addition, the new site increases productivity by allowing customers to order their favorite dishes online.

Another project delivered on time on budget - another satisfied client.


CWFA is a boutique consultancy specializing in social media communications.  Working with a pool of dedicated associates, we help clients with all their communications needs - SEO, eCommerce, Websites, Content Marketing and Search Marketing.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Is Social Media Affecting Your Job Search?

Is your Facebook profile affecting your job search?

If you are not getting the interviews you want, your Facebook profile may be the cause. A survey by CareerBuilder (an online employment agency) has found that 37% of hiring managers use social networking sites to research job applicants, with over 65% of that group using Facebook as their primary resource.

In the past, employers relied primarily on the interview to determine a candidate’s suitability and, if you were a candidate for a high profile position, discrete surveillance by a private investigator. Today, thanks to social media, practically everything is online. Companies therefore routinely use social media to screen their employees during the hiring process. What you post on Facebook, Twitter or even your personal blog can in fact make or break you.

Attend our programme and learn the do's and the don'ts and how to use personal branding to increase your chances.  eMail justin[a]

Monday, October 21, 2013

Even Singapore Hawkers (Hawkerpreneurs) Can Use Social Media Courses ...

The Hawker Master Trainer Pilot Programme was launched today (21 October 2013).  In this programme, selected Singaporeans and Permanent Residents will be taught how to be "hawkerpreneurs."  During the programme, hawkers will be taught how to prepare ingredients, cook, present food, serve customers and how to keep their stalls clean and tidy.

One topic which we felt was missing was how to use social media to reach out to more customers.  Generally, operators of food stalls cater to a "natural market" of foot-traffic. This foot traffic, from nearby housing estates or office buildings, is usually sufficient for the hawker to earn a living.  To earn more, the hawker must be able to create a name for himself and pull customers from all over the island. The low cost of internet connections and smart-phones gives the hawkers a unique opportunity to proactively brand themselves and grow their businesses.

One social media marketing tip CW Fong & Associates has for these hawkers is to create the word of mouth effect.  This can be done via the creation a Facebook page and then encouraging customers to "share and save." In this promotion, customers are encouraged to post their comments about the food in exchange for a free upsize or an extra serving. This does not cost much, but the potential is large.  Assuming you serve 100 customers per day and 1 in 10 share, with an average of 300 friends each, that means 3,000 people who will know about your food.  Additionally, as it comes from a friend, the credibility is much stronger.

At the end of the day, at CWFA we believe that people do not become entrepreneurs to simply earn a living.  People become entrepreneurs to earn their fortunes.  That is why they take the risk.  So in order to help our new breed of hawkerpreneurs make their fortunes, we believe that they must be taught how to embrace social media marketing to brand and raise awareness for their product and services.


For more information on CWFA's social media workshops for small business owners, email our consultants at justin[a]

Singapore Social Media Marketing Success Story

CW Fong & Associates (CWFA) is happy to announce that Mervin Yeo's Pursue MBA Workshop on 25 Oct 2013 is fully booked.  As of yesterday, 1 week from the start of our social media campaign, all 40 seats have been taken up.

As Mervin's social media marketing partner, CWFA used 2 key techniques to accomplish this - target market segment analysis and usage of a combination of earn and owned media platforms.

In the former, we identified the target market's needs and matched it with Mervin's unique selling proposition. All ads were designed to highlight the need and then present Mervin as the solution.  For the latter, we reached out through channels where the target market segment would use.  This was not limited to Facebook, but involved Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogs.

Social Media Marketing has the potential to be both efficient and effective.  Knowledge and experience is what sets the professionals apart from the wannabes.  To find out how CWFA can help you grow your business via social media marketing, or to attend one of our workshops, email our consultants at justin[a]

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Review: Effective Social Media Marketing Idea for Singapore Small Business Owners

One of the most effective social media promotions that CW Fong & Associates ran was a Facebook Snap, Share and Save promotion.

Our client, a well-known Singapore family restaurant named Gu Ma Jia had just engaged us to manage their social media campaign.  We knew that the food was great and we wanted to (a) tap on Gu Ma Jia's customers' network of friends; and (b) create a word of mouth effect. While customers did share their experiences at Gu Ma Jia, the numbers were not high.

As we thought about the "problem," we realized that customers were not motivated to share.  We thus initiated a "Snap, Share and Save" campaign where customers who shared a picture of themselves at the restaurant would receive a $5 cash voucher to be used with their next meal.

How it worked was simple ... whenever a customer was presented the bill for their meal, a small card (see pic) was included.  If the customer felt that they wanted to save money at their next meal, they simply shared a picture of their meal.

The results were amazing.  On average, 2 in 10 customers participated in the promotion and assuming each customer had 300 friends and Gu Ma Jia serves 200 customers each day, over 12,000 people are made aware of Gu Ma Jia daily.

So if you are a Singapore small business owner and you need a cheap and effective way to raise awareness for your product or services, try it.  For more information about CWFA's social media marketing services, email justin[a]

Review: Social Media Courses in Singapore

When designing our social media workshops for small business owners, CW Fong & Associates started by conducting a market gap analysis by researching the training programmes currently being offered in Singapore.

One gap consistently stood out - all of the other programmes were taught by academics. While theory is good, real world application is what really matters and this is where we excel.

CWFA is first and foremost a social media marketing consultancy. On average, we actively manage the social media marketing campaigns of over a dozen Singapore businesses at any one time. The knowledge gained from our real world application is assimilated and then taught to our course participants. Course participants therefore learn first hand what works and what doesn't and this can often mean the difference between business success and failure.  Additionally, based on our pool of clients, CWFA is in a unique position to help you cross-market your product or service.

So if you are interested to learn real world social media marketing from working professionals, contact us at justin[a]

School Holiday Projects for Singapore Teens: Start an Online Business

Every December school holidays, Singapore parents sign-up their kids for courses and workshops to give them that extra edge in school - extra Chinese classes, math tuition, abacus,  etc. While these are useful, there is nothing that teaches knowledge application, creative thinking, resilience and social skills like starting a business.

CW Fong & Associates is pleased to introduce a modified version of our popular small business workshop. This holiday programme coaches participants thorough the stages of creating and running an online business. The workshop will hand-hold participants through the steps of doing market research to find a niche product/service, sourcing for suppliers and executing a marketing plan via the use of social media. Through real world application, participants will actually operate an online business and learn valuable life-skills.

To find out more, email justin[a]

Saturday, October 19, 2013

CW Fong & Associates Achieves #1 Page Rank on Google for "Social Media Consultant Singapore"

We are happy to learn that CW Fong & Associates has been ranked #1 by for the keyword phrase "social media consultant singapore".  This is no mean feat as there are literally dozens of other social media consultants and agencies in Singapore.

We attribute our success to the same techniques we use for our clients - keyword selection and optimization, back-links from "good sites" and the use of Twitter to "bubble" the page.  If you are a small business in Singapore, your advertising and promotion budget is likely extremely small and you would be relying on social media to help brand and raise awareness for your product and services.

While social media is not difficult to learn, as with all things, an experienced consultant will be able to help you avoid mistakes and achieve break-through in a much shorter time frame.  Cash flow is the life-blood of any business, let us use our expertise to help you achieve business success.

For a no-obligation social media audit and consultation, contact our consultants at justin[a]

Social Media Marketing Packages for Singapore SMEs

While it is fair to say that social media marketing is not difficult and that anyone with some common sense can do it, it is also fair to say that experience can only be gained by doing.  Hence, while a small business owner can in reality learn via trial and error, it will take time and time may not be on his side as there are overheads to pay.

This is where CW Fong & Associates (CWFA) come in.  As we actively manage the social media campaigns of dozens of Singapore SMEs (in various industries), CWFA not only has the experience to do it right the first time, but we also bring with us a wealth of cross-industry experiences to benefit our clients.  Additionally, our network of clients forms a natural pool through which we can create synergy and help grow all our clients' business.

Recognizing the challenge of cash flow to SMEs, CWFA's social media marketing package is extremely affordable.  Starting from as low as $800 per month, our clients will be assigned an associate consultant who will oversee and manage their Facebook, Blog and Twitter accounts.

For more information on our social media marketing packages, do contact our consultants at justin[a]

Friday, October 18, 2013

Review: Social Media Marketing Ideas in Singapore - Forget Facebook

I bet the title caught your attention.  :)

In our social media consultations and audits of social media campaigns, many Singapore start-ups rely almost exclusively on Facebook. While Facebook is good for engaging customers, as I have mentioned in my earlier post, Facebook is not effective during the start of a social media campaign.  Why?  Simply because without a large fan-base, the reach is simply not there.

This is why knowing the strengths and limitations of each platform is important.  Facebook is great as an engagement tool as it allows "conversations" between the company and the customer.  Additionally, once the customer becomes a fan on Facebook, Facebook allows the company to readily "push" information to the customer.  Unfortunately, at the start of a social media campaign, the critical mass is not there to be effective.

So if you are a start-up, by all means build a Facebook page.  You should however focus more on Twitter and your blog as these two platforms will give you the "publicity" your start-up needs to succeed.

For a no-obligation social media consultation, email CW Fong & Associates at justin[a]  Alternatively, sign-up for one of our regular Social Media Marketing for Small Business Owners Workshop.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Social Media Marketing Partner for Mervin Yeo's Pursue MBA Workshop

CW Fong & Associates is pleased to be the social media marketing partner for Mervin Yeo's Pursue M.B.A. (Motivated Business Acquisition) Workshop.

Mervin Yeo is hailed by a Straits Times journalist as the Networking Guru.  Mervin coaches business owners and marketing professionals to create purposeful business relationships through referral marketing.  He is the author of "Purposeful Networking for Introverts" and a contributing author in Masters of Networking, a New York Times best-seller.

Attend Mervin's Pursue M.B.A. workshop and learn how to attract referrals effortlessly by harnessing the power of word of mouth marketing to grow your business.

Workshop is held on 25 Oct 2013 from 7 to 9.30 pm.

To register, email sandy[at]  Or like us on Facebook to stay up dated on future courses.

Social Media Marketing Partner: Corporate Training SG

Review: Social Media Marketing with Singapore SMEs - Use of Twitter

In all our consults with Singapore small business owners, we always advocate the use of the social media trinity - Facebook, Blog and Twitter.  Many business owners will inevitably question the use of Twitter due to its transient nature.

What they fail to realize is that Twitter is the only platform that is directly pushed out into cyberspace and that no "intermediary" is required for someone to see the Tweet - in Facebook you need a fan base, and in blogs you need a Search Engine to index the post.

Thus, while tedious in the beginning, Twitter blasts play a crucial role in the initial stages of any successful social media campaign.  In fact, well-crafted tweets not only help build fans on Facebook and also help in improving search engine rankings for the company's blog.

In CW Fong & Associates' social media campaigns for our clients, we use the following ratios as a guide for our focus:

Initial Stage:   70% Twitter: 20% Facebook: 10% Blogs
Mid Stage:      50% Twitter: 30% Facebook: 20% Blogs
Mature Stage: 20% Twitter: 50% Facebook: 30% Blogs

To find out how CW Fong & Associates can help you build your business, contact our Social Media Consultants at justin(a)  Our rates are extremely affordable.

Social Media Training in Singapore: Communications Role in Business Continuity Management (BCM) Plans

I recently conducted a series of in-house workshops for 2 Dutch Multi-Nationals based in Singapore. The context of the training was not the usual how do I engage customers, but on how social media (communications) impacts their business continuity management plans.

It was interesting to note that while all the c-suite executives were aware of the speed with which social media operates and social media's tendency to distort the truth, none of them had "connected the dots" that this would affect their business and that they needed some sort of plan in-place.

I am glad that through the use of our table-top exercise styled training workshop, the participants drew their own conclusions (of course guided by me) and they are now have a social media policy in place.

My main take-away from these workshops is that sometimes even smart people need to be guided in domains with which they are not familiar with.  Having said that, I must admit that these 2 MNCs are now ahead of the curve as they have integrated a communications strategy into their business continuity management plans.

Social Media Selling Skills: Prospecting and Selling via Facebook for Financial Consultants (Singapore)

Come 1 January 2014, Singapore's Data Privacy Laws will come into effect.  Traditional methods of prospecting and selling used by Financial Consultants (and real estate agents) via email marketing, SMS marketing and cold-calling will become more difficult as users will be required to check the Do Not Call Registry.

One good alternative is the use of Social Media.  CW Fong & Associates has over the years developed a training programme that leverages on Facebook to help Financial Consultants (FC) prospect for and sell to new clients.  One such technique we teach is what we have termed "spearing".

In the use of spearing, instead of spamming thousands via email and SMS, or cold-calling dozens of people a day, the FC simply uses his Facebook network to "trawl" for high-potential prospects.  Once identified, the FC will then initiate contact and offer the needed financial product.  As many FCs can attest, in the sale of financial products, timing and immediate needs are two of the strongest factors that translates into sales.  Thus, through the use of our spearing technique, a FC can literally prospect hundreds of people daily all from the comforts of his or her own home using Facebook (and other social media platform).

1 January 2014 will be a game-changer for the Singapore financial planning and real estate industries.  Stay ahead of your competition by starting to sell via social media now.

To find out more about our Social Media Selling Skills for Financial Consultants programmes, contact justin(a)

Social Media Consultant as a Panelist at the Small Business Banking Executive Programme 2013 (Singapore)

We are pleased to announce that CW Fong & Associates' Principal Consultant has been invited to be a panelist at the upcoming Small Business Banking Executive Programme 2013 organized by The Banking Academy.

A leading Singapore social media consultant, CW Fong will be sharing on his experiences in building up his consultancy. In particular, CW Fong will share on the challenges social media consultancies, or any digital-based company for that matter, face when seeking bank financing for expansion.  Unlike traditional businesses where there are physical assets to hold as collateral, in the digital world, there are no physical assets.

We look forward to an interesting exchange of ideas ...

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Social Media Consultant Jobs (Singapore)

CW Fong & Associates (CWFA) is looking to expand our team of Facebook Page Champions (FBPC).  As a FBPC, you will be assigned pages of our clients and your job is to simply like, share or comment on these posts.

This job is a "permanent" full-time position which you can do practically anywhere and anytime at your convenience.  The only requirement that we have is that you need to have no less than 1,000 Facebook friends (who are predominantly Singapore-based).

If you are interested, please email your actual name, your Facebook name and the number of friends you currently have.  Our consultants will then contact you shortly about your eligibility to join our team.  Our social media team currently has 30 FBPCs with a reach of slightly over 100,000 Singaporeans.  Our goals is to have a reach of 1,000,000 Singaporeans by the end of 2013.

For your information, CWFA is a leading communications consultancy specializing in social media.  Since our establishment in 2011, we have trained and provided strategic counsel to dozens of small businesses and Singapore-based Multi-National Corporations.

eMail your information to justin(a)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Impact of Social Media on Crisis Management Singapore

A much sought after trainer in the area of social media in Singapore, our Principal Consultant CW Fong has conducted numerous workshops for small business owners and senior managers of several Multi-National Corporations based in Singapore.

One key finding he always shares is that the nature of communication has changed and that anyone dealing with a crisis, must include the following 5 Essential Elements in their crisis communications plan.

a. Open
b. Timely
c. 100% Truthful
d. Internet Present
e. Broadly Communicated

For the full research article, click here.

For enquiries on our full suite of communications service, do visit CW Fong & Associates.

Social Media Workshop Singapore: Why Having a Blog is Great for SEO

In many of my social media workshops, participants always tell me that they already have a website and that should be enough for an online presence. They are reluctant to create a blog as they say it will take time and effort.

My response is always as follows:

1. Maintaining a company blog is not time consuming. A blog posting can be anything from a short written update about a company event, product or even a promotion.  There  is no need for every blog post to be a full-length essay. What is important, is that the selected keywords be incorporated into the blog. Something as simple as this post is more than enough.

2. Given the huge number of websites in the world, achieving a number 1 or number 2 page rank on Google or Yahoo is not easy. In my opinion, it is a numbers game.  As a typical company website only has 5 pages, and a blog can have unlimited numbers, a company blog will thus naturally have a better chance of getting a good page ranking. And, if you have a nice link to your company's page, then more than half the battle is won.

So there you have it ... why a blog is a must have for any serious SEO efforts.

If you need our services, visit us at CW Fong & Associates.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Social Media Skills Workshop Singapore

Being trained in the use of social media is an essential skill-set of any business owner and marketing professional.  The proliferation of social media and the increasing reliance of consumers on social media to make buying decisions, means that social media cannot be ignored.  Anecdotal evidence suggests that as much as 90% of all buying decisions now involve some form of social media.

For small businesses that lack big marketing budgets, smart and creative use of social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter, coupled with effective keyword campaign on blogger or wordpress, allows them to "punch above their weight".  Unlike traditional media where deep pockets matter, social media is a great unifier where any company can dominate all for the price of an internet connection.

CW Fong & Associates is a leading consultant and trainer in the use of social media for Singapore Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).  Our workshops have trained literally hundreds of small business owners and our team currently provides strategic counsel (and undertakes the social media campaigns) of dozens of Singapore SMEs.

For more information on our programmes, contact our Principal Consultant at justin(a)

Social Media Skills Workshop Singapore

CWFA was engaged by OnePeople.SG to conduct a workshop on Social Media Skills for members of the Inter-Racial and Religious Confidence Circle (IRCC) on 14 Sep 2013.  This is a follow-up workshop to an earlier series of workshops aimed at enabling the grassroots leaders with the knowledge to establish and maintain a social media presence.

The 14 Sep 2013 media skills workshop focused on teaching participants how to use the Social Media Trinity (Facebook, Twitter and Blogger) to drive traffic and how to conduct a target audience analysis to determine the "correct" content-mix.  Most importantly, participants learned how to leverage on the strengths of each platform.

Arjan Primalani of the Tanjong Pagar IRCC commented that he would attend the second run so as to keep himself updated and to better under how to use social media platforms more effectively.

Article extracted from OnePeople's website.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Social Media Consultancy Singapore

In preparation for a sharing session with the Association of Professional Trainers Singapore (APTS) in October 2013, I decided to prove that CW Fong & Associates (CWFA) social media strategy not only works, but works rapidly.

I decided to create a blog titled SG Corporate Training and to optimise it for relevant keywords such that it will be ranked well on Search Engines.  The intent is to show that through the use of 3 simple techniques, anyone can raise awareness for their product and services within 30 days through the use of a social media hub.

I am pleased to update that as of today, 1 week into the "experiment", the blog has achieved the following on Yahoo!

Page 2 Ranking for corporate leadership training singapore
Page 2 Ranking for corporate training programmes singapore
Page 3 Ranking for corporate training courses singapore

If you are a small business owner, or a consultant, social media gives you the best returns on your advertising dollar.  For little more than the cost of an internet connection and the skills we teach, you can now compete with the big boys.

To learn more, email justin(a)

The #1 Social Media Consultant for Pubs in Singapore

Sandie Lim the manager of several Pubs turns to CW Fong & Associates (CWFA) to handle the social media marketing of all her establishments - Pub Glassy, Club Glassy and Pub Casablanca.  According to Sandie, CWFA is the natural choice as we are able to bring immediate awareness to Singaporean males.  

CWFA is able to do this as our social media marketing campaigns not only use PAID and EARNED media, but also OWNED media.  Over the past 2 years, CWFA has actively developed our own media channels.  Combined, our own media channels have a reach of no less than 100,000 Singaporeans.

All Singapore SMEs, especially the start-ups, are tight for cash. Thus while Social Media is effective, it does take time for a social media network to grow to the stage where it can bring value to the organization.  By developing and owning our own channels, CWFA can bring immediate awareness to our client's product and services while they build their own networks.

If you are a Singapore business owner and would like to find out how CWFA can help you, email justin(a)

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Social Media Marketing Campaigns in Singapore

Even though I have been a social media marketing consultant for over 2 years and have helmed over 20 marketing campaigns, it always makes me happy when we receive direct confirmation of the effectiveness of our efforts.

Last night, we received a Facebook message from one of the fans of a new client (Pub Casablanca) who wanted to book a table for himself and 4 of his friends. The pub is new and we have only started working on the account for less than 2 weeks. It is great to know that in this short time we not only raised awareness for the Pub, but also positioned it such that people are willing to come and check it out.

I attribute our success to 2 factors ... proper positioning created via a thorough understanding of what the target audience wants, and the leveraging of not only, earned and paid media, but also owned media.  CWFA has over the past year, been diligently building our own media channels which allows us to give our clients instantaneous reach to no less than 100,000 Singaporeans.

With our social media marketing campaigns starting from as low as $800 per month, we certainly bring value to SMEs. For more information on our services, do email justin(a)

Friday, October 4, 2013

Social Media Strategies for Singapore SMEs

In just 4 days, Corporate Training SG's blog has already been indexed by Yahoo and appears on page 3 for the keywords "corporate training courses singapore."  This was achieved using only 2 of the many effective social marketing techniques - keyword selection and optimization; and back-linking techniques.

This is a simple testimony of the effectiveness of the social media marketing techniques taught at our course.

As we continue to post contents and optimize our contents, page 1 ranking is inevitable ... :)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Social Media Marketing Course in Singapore: Online Reputation Management

Given the facts that (a) almost 90% of all buying decisions now involve some form of social media queries: and (b) Singapore’s business community is extremely small and word gets around, a bad name or reputation will harm your company’s bottom-line.  It is therefore important that one actively monitor and protect what is being said online about your company.


Contrary to what many think, setting-up a simple and effective monitoring system does not require large fees and in fact can (with the proper know-how) be done in-house using the many freemium tools available online.

To find out more, ask us about our Social Media Marketing Workshop.  email justin(a)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Corporate Sales Training - Using Social Media Marketing Workshops: Insurance Sales on Steroids!!!

Social Media platforms like Facebook now allow Financial Consultants (FC) to network and maintain contact with prospects and clients efficiently and effectively. For example, instead of having to individually call prospects to maintain “awareness”, a FC can merely interact via Facebook. Additionally, Facebook also allows a FC to track the life-cycle of their prospects to find “service” opportunities.

Extract from Investopedia …

A recent study of 400 U.S. financial advisors, 48% of advisors report using social media to interact with investors on a daily basis; 74% of U.S. investment advisors say social media is a useful tool in hiking assets under management, while 50% say they have “successfully used social media to convert prospects into clients.” Further, 9% of investors surveyed by Accenture claim firms that fail to leverage social media will lose clients to firms that use social media to engage clients.

“The use of social media to interact with clients is a differentiator for advisors today, but it will be mere table stakes in the not-too-distant future,” says Alex Pigliucci, a global managing director at Accenture. “Wealth management firms that fail to adopt social media will miss an opportunity to build relationships with clients on their terms. This is becoming increasingly critical as investors are demanding online resources to help them better understand investment strategy and advice.”

To find out how you, as an FC, can leverage on social media to turbo-charge your sales, email us at justin(a) to find out more about our Social Media for Financial Consultants Workshop.

Social Media Marketing Singapore: If you are not online, you are losing out ...

Anecdotal evidence suggests that up to 90% of all buying decisions today involve some form of social media query. If you company is not online, it is losing valuable traffic and business.
Here is an effective SEO tip on improving the Search Engine Ranking of your company’s website …

Google assumes that a page that is referenced by another page provides “quality” contents. The better the ranking of the referencing page, the better the “reference”. One SEO technique is to comment on popular blogs and signing off with your page’s URL.

Using this simple technique and keyword phrases, we were able to obtain multiple Google Page 1 ranking for our client.  To learn how you too can achieve this for your company's website, join our social media marketing workshop. Contact justin(a) for details.

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