Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Social Media Marketing Singapore: How to Build a Targeted Twitter Follower Base ...

If you own a corner coffee shop in Singapore, having Twitter Followers who are in the United States or England is useless to your business.  Building a predominately Singapore Follower base is thus crucial for your social media marketing campaign.

In my Social Media Marketing Workshop for Small Business Owners, I teach participants to use Twiends.  While Twiends has a function that allows you to limit followers to only Singapore users, unfortunately there is insufficient critical mass to build a large Singapore only Follower base.

One additional technique which CW Fong & Associates (CWFA) has developed and used effectively is what we call the one-ten methodology.  Leveraging on the “social contract” of reciprocity where people follow-back, the one-ten methodology works as follows:

a.            Step 1: Start by Following 10 Singapore Tweeter Users.  The trick here is to avoid celebrities as they will unlikely follow back.  Simply find people in your target market segment who has at least 300 followers and a follower-following ratio of roughly 1:1.

b.            Step 2: Add new followers.  Once someone follows back, simply see who follows them and add another 10 from their follower list.  When you do this step, do be careful to select only those who are in your market segment and those who have follower-following ratios that are close to 1:1.  In other words, if you are seeking to build a Follower base of Singapore teens, then you will only want to Follow users who fit that profile.

c.             Step 3: Repeat Step 2.  Once the proverbial snow ball starts rolling, all it takes is for you to repeat step 2 with every follow-back and pretty soon you will have built a targeted Twitter Follower base.

If keeping a low follower-to-following ratio is important to you, you can unfollow those that do not follow back after every 2 days.  This number will however be low if you had selected those with follower-following ratio of roughly 1:1.


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  1. Great tip on building a qualified fan base. Will be applying what you taught immediately.

    SG Party Girls


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