Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Social Media and the Singapore Small and Medium Enterprise

Surveys show that more than one-third of small and medium enterprises do not engage in social media primarily due to time constraints.  Given the proliferation of social media, and its position as the alternative source of information for customers, this is a costly mistake.

CW Fong & Associates (CWFA) was established to do the social media work for companies who don't have the time or expertise to successfully participate in social media.  Our team of Facebook page managers, Facebook page champions, graphic designers, copy writers and account managers specialises in helping small and medium enterprises join the social media conversation.  For a low monthly fee, CWFA will create the contents, monitor the networks, and engage your target market.  We currently serve a pool of over 20 clients in industries like skin care, family-owned restaurants, nutritionists, investment companies, photography studios to name a few.

So, if you own a business, and you want more customers, then you need CWFA.  We will do the work that you don't have time to do.  For a no-obligation discussion, contact our Principal Consultant justin@cwfongandassociates.com.

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