Saturday, August 4, 2012

Successful Facebook Strategy: Mountbatten Community Club Achieves a ratio of 51.8%

CW Fong & Associates recently started working on Mountbatten Community Club (MBCC) Facebook strategy. 

Starting with a fan base of 120, through the delivery of user-centric information, CW Fong& Associates has slowly grown the fan base to 139 (or +15%).  What is the most amazing is that we have achieved an engagement percentage of 51.8% (139 Fans x 72 'Talking About it' = Engagement Ratio of 51.8%).

As I always tell my clients, it is not only about the number of fans you have, but the level of engagement you have with them.  The former with latter is useless.

Thus, if your social media strategy is not getting the results you want, do contact our Principal Consultant at
justin(a) for a no-obligation audit of your existing social media strategy.

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