Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Press Release: CW Fong & Associates' Collaboration with Executive Voice Coach Cynthia Zhai

CW Fong & Associates is pleased to announce our collaboration with Cynthia Zhai to bring her series of voice and presentation tips to the fans of CW Fong & Associates' Facebook clients.

"Cynthia is an Executive Voice Coach, Speaker and Trainer.  She has helped executives and senior managers from MNCs develop their influential voice that speaks with authority and impact, engages and inspires people to embrace change and take action.

Designed with the objective of providing user-centric information, Facebook Fans of IASO Skin Care, Ascendant Assets and Mountbatten Community Club can look forward to receiving Cynthia's powerful tips on speaking more effectively.

For more information on Cynthia's programmes or how CW Fong & Associates can help you build and manage your organization's Facebook community, do visit the following links:

CW Fong & Associates: eMail ourPrincipal Consultant at justin@cwfongandassociates.com

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