Friday, August 17, 2012

Press Release: Bringing "A Pondering Thought" to More People

CW Fong & Associates is pleased to announce our collaboration with Arbinger South-East Asia to share their "a pondering thought" series with the fans of CW Fong & Associates' Facebook clients.

Arbinger South-East Asia's "a pondering thought" series are weekly questions posed to challenge readers to reflect on the way they live their lives.  At its essence, the questions are designed to help individuals (and organizations) to think differently so as solve their deepest, most difficult and persistent people problems.

Designed with the objective of providing user-centric information, Facebook Fans of IASO Skin Care, Ascendant Assets and Mountbatten Community Club can look forward to receiving these thought-provoking and insightful questions shortly.  It is CW Fong & Associates' as well as Arbinger South-East Asia's hope that we can help people live more fulfilled lives.

For more information on Arbinger's programmes or how CW Fong & Associates can help you build and manage your organization's Facebook community, do visit the links below:


A pondering thought ... "People respond primarily to the way we FEEL toward them."

This principle of life is widely overlooked, but universally true. More important than our knowledge, our skills, or our education, is simply our goodness - the quality of our hearts and our souls. That is why the best parents can make mistakes every day and still be successful. It is not their clumsiness that their children notice so much; it is their goodness, their devotion, their affection, their honest effort, and their love. ~ The Arbinger Institute


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