Saturday, August 11, 2012

Our Public Relations (PR) Framework - Build, Manage and Protect

CW Fong & Associates recognise that businesses are bottom-line focused. As such, PR's role is to facilitate the sale of a company's good and services by creating a favourable perception of the company and its product and services.  To do this, we have developed a proprietary 3-prong strategy of building monitoring and protecting.
CW Fong & Associates' PR Framework

BuildingUnder this strategic thrust, there will be the two sub-thrusts of positioning the client and ensuring sustained and continuous awareness.

a.     Positioning.  In this sub-thrust, PR will set the context to facilitate the sale of the client’s product and services.  The PR plan will position the client according to its brand values.  This positioning will be achieved via the deliberate and nuanced communications of these values in everything the company “says” and “does”.

b.     Awareness.  In this second sub-thrust, awareness of the company’s product and services will be achieved via the use of collaterals and selected PR activities.  The desire outcome is to stretch the clients advertising dollar.

MonitoringIn view of a client’s vulnerability to negative press and social media mentions, monitoring of main stream media and social media mentions will result in the provision of weekly updates and monthly reports.  In this strategic thrust, the real time situational awareness of what is being said about the company will help identify trends for correction and exploitation, as well as enable the company to proactively respond and mitigate incidents before they develop into a crisis.

ProtectingIn this third strategic thrust, the PR consultancy will assist o protect the client’s brand value by providing strategic counsel on crisis management on a 24/7 basis.  Aside from strategic counsel, this thrust will equip the company with crisis communication capabilities by:

a.     People.  Training a core group of senior manager in crisis communications as well as equipping identified spokesperson with media interview/ management training.

b.     Process. Developing and instituting a business processes to ensure the prompt and effective management of incidents and crisis.  Included in sub-thrust will be the management of complaints and feedbacks.

c.     Policies.  The development of media communications guidelines for employees.  This is not limited only to main stream media, but the use of social media.

If you believe that your organization's PR plan is not achieveing its desired results, do contact our Principal Consultant at for a no-obligation discussion.

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