Monday, July 30, 2012

Social Media Tip: Facebook Affinity is the Key to Effective Fan Engagement

CW Fong & Associates is pleased to announce the successfully launch of a Facebook Competition for Mountbatten Community Club.  The objective of the competition is to build "affinity" amongst the Club's current fan base.

Within 2 hours of the launch, the campaign garnered 190 Views, 4 Comments and 2 New Fan 'likes'.

As mentioned at many of my Talks, a large fan alone is insufficient to effectively reach out to your target market.  The key is the development of "affinity" as this factor determines whether your fans actually see your posts.  Statistically, for most organizations without a proper social media strategy that builds affinity, less than 2% of their Facebook Fans eventually see their posts.

CW Fong & Associates' Social Media Framework works!  If you are looking for a cost effective and efficient way to build your organization's social media presence, do contact our Principal Consultant at

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