Monday, July 23, 2012

People's Association Mastering Social Networks Workshop

Our Principal Consultant, Justin Fong, delivered a Talk to over 200 Grassroots Leaders from the People's Association on 17 July 2012.  The Talk focused on how non-profit organizations can (a) use freemiums to build a social media presence and monitor and track sentiments; and (b) use CW Fong & Associate's proprietary SCAER Framework to manage negative blog postings or online mentions.

One key takeaway shared at the Talk was the three elements that all successful organizational Facebook pages shared - wide demographics, user-centric and multiple platforms.

Wide Demographics.  Justin shared that most Community Clubs' Facebook page were too narrowly scoped.  As such, they only appeal to a small demographics which then makes it hard to build a large fan base.  Increasing their Fan base was thus as simple as expanding the scope of their page.

User-Centric.  Next, citing research by the Social Media Examiner which showed that people like an organization's Facebook page to show affiliation to the organization, stayed informed of the organization's activities and get updates on future activities.  Justin then reminded the participants that their page should focus on offering value to their Fans.  Aside from functioning as an electronic billboard, the pages should push out useful information to the Fans.

Multiple Platforms.  Explaining that different social media platforms appealed to different demographics and that different platforms were more suited for different engagements, Justin shared that successful organization also engaged their Fans via Twitter, Blogspot and Youtube.  He then urged the Grassroots Leaders to use the multiple of platforms out there to develop an integrated engagement communications/ engagement channel.


If you find the information useful and would like to know how CW Fong & Associates can help your company establish a social media presence, contact our Principal Consultant at

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