Thursday, June 21, 2012

Social Media Marketing Singapore

On the internet, obtaining top Search Engine Ranking for your company's website is equivalent to having your store on prime real estate.  This is because high traffic translates into a higher probability of making a sale.

CW Fong & Associates' Social Media Marketing Services helps small and medium enterprises (SME) to effectively achieve high search engine ranking in the shortest time possible.  Based on our proprietary Social Media Trinity Framework, each social media platform works in synergy to maximise its reach and effect.

Appended is proof of the effectiveness of our Social Media Trinity Framework ...

The primary keyword phrase selected for optimizing was "crisis communications singapore" and CW Fong & Associates has achieved significantly high rankings across the major search engines.  With that as the base, CW Fong & Associates is now entering Phase II and expanding our keywords to optimise for "social media marketing singapore" and "social media consultant singapore".

If you are serious about establishing your company's social media presence, do contact our Principal Consultant at for a no obligation discussion.

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