Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Public Relations Course Singapore: Crisis Communications in the Era of Social Media (29 June 2012)

Many businesses have started acknowledging the impact Social Media has on its bottom line - especially in a crisis. Information has become as valuable as prime real estate where top search engine rankings and positive (or negative) reviews on influential blogs can have tremendous impact on a business' fortune.

In the era of social media, anybody can create and disseminate “news” contents. These “Citizen Journalists” can now rally stakeholder support as widely and as effectively as big budget news organisations. Couple this with the internet's ability to provide instantaneous news on a 24/7 basis, consolidated and indexed, social media has fundamentally altered the way individuals receive news and gather information. In this new information environment, information is now near instantaneous, ’perfect’ and communicated via multiple platforms.

In this new information environment, the nature of crisis communication has fundamentally changed. Traditional approaches are at best ineffective and, at worse, damaging. To effectively manage a crisis, businesses must understand the new information environment and use the appropriate approaches.

Join us for this 1-Day Workshop and learn the following:

  • understand social media's impact on crisis communications
  • understand the nature of a crisis
  • identifying Stakeholder issues/ concerns
  • learn how to develop Themes and Messages
  • use frameworks to manage a crisis – Attribution Theory
  • use framework to manage negative blog postings or online Mentions – SCAER
  • understand the Singapore media environment and the Media’s ’agendas’
  • learn how to deliver your message in a media interview
  • learn how to handle “sensitive” questions during a media interview

  • For more information, contact us via anna [a] cwfongandassociates .com

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    1. The course is now 70% subscribed and we have limited spaces left. Do contact us if you still wish to register.


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