Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Case for Social Media Monitoring in Singapore

In a recent training discussion with the PR Manager of a local Voluntary Welfare Organization (VWO), the PR Manager questioned my "over-emphasis" on the need to monitor social media. She justified her position by citing the influence of Main Stream Media over Social Media.

I replied that while I agreed with her that Main Stream Media was still seen as the more credible, Social Media's influence was growing and was likely at the Tipping Point.  To support my view, I cited reports by (a) the UK's The Guardian that showed that most journalists use social media such as Twitter and Facebook as sources; and (b) the Social Media Examiner that showed how social media was being used by journalists to break newsIn fact, what usually starts out on social media posted by citizen journalists, often ends-up in the Main Stream Media.

Thus, given the "leading" nature of social media to drive news, active social media monitoring can provide organizations with an early warning of potential crisis.  Social Media monitoring, in the context of crisis management and communications, thus cannot be over-emphasised and is an integral part of the crisis management plan.


CW Fong & Associates has put together a comprehensive system for SMEs to do their own social media monitoring via the use of freemiums.  To find out more, contact our Principal Consultant at 

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