Friday, April 27, 2012

Social Media Tip: Strategy for Small and Medium Enterprises

In my conversations with prospective clients, I am often asked how to effectively build a social media presence.  When I ask for a quick overview of their existing social media strategy, I am often amazed that they are (a) solely dependent on search engine optimization for traffic; (b) there is no synergistic action between their social media platforms; and (c) there is a lack of understanding of the strengths and limitations of each platform.

In this blog posting, I would like to share with our readers CW Fong & Associates’ Social Media “Trinity” Framework.  This is a Framework we successfully used to help our clients.  The key strengths of this Framework is that it is low cost and can be done with in-house capabilities which makes it ideal for the small and medium enterprises.

The “trinity” essentially capitalizes on the strengths of the various platforms, the way search engine operates and how people search for information and stay connected with the world.  At present, Facebook is the dominant social media platform in the word with over 600 million users and statistics showing that about half of these users logged-on on any given day.  As such, at CW Fong & Associates, we advocate that Facebook be designated as the primary engagement platform for our clients.  (See Diagram below)

Social Media Strategy

Once Facebook has been established as the primary engagement platform, the next step is to build the organization’s fan base.  Besides enabling you to “converse” with and hence engage your fans, building your fan base is also important as this will then form a sort of electronic direct mailing list for you to promote your organizations product and services.   Unfortunately, search engines do not index and rank Facebook posts and the only way to build fans is to redirect them from a feeder source.

This is where blogs come in.  Well written blogs which comprise selected key-words will usually be ranked high by search engines like google and yahoo.  As web searches is now the preferred way for people to learn more about a product or service, a higher page ranking will translate into higher impressions and conversely higher click-through rates.

Now, this is the tricky part.  As search engines have a complicated algorithm to determine what is relevant, it may take some time for your blog postings to be ranked high.  Fortunately, the readership of your blog pages plays a part in determining page ranking and this is where the final part of the Social Media “trinity” comes into play.

Twitter is immediate.  It is not affected by search engine filtering and anything you post will be broadcast.  A well composed tweet with a link to your blog posting can generate tremendous viewership.  Thus, regular tweets promoting your blog page will increase its perceived relevance to search engines which will in turn increase your page ranking, which will then increase the number of views to your blog page and consequently the number of people who will be invited to join your Facebook page.  You get the picture.

There you have it - CW Fong & Associates’ Social Media Trinity for increasing the social media presence of any organization.  Simple, effective and low-cost.

(Note: This is the basic framework which you can consider employing for your organization.  We have however not revealed everything and if you find what we have useful, I hope you will give us a chance to work with you.  Our social media marketing services starts from an affordable $300/ month*.  For a no-obligation discussion, contact our Principal Consultant at

(*A minimum 6 month contract applies)

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