Thursday, April 26, 2012

Social Media Communications and Management Training

CW Fong & Associates is pleased to announce the introduction of their latest in-house workshop.  Based on client feedback, this programme is designed to equip organizations with the necessary knowledge to (a) safely establish a Social Media presence while (b) preparing it to manage any possible issues/ incidents that may arise.

Appended below is the course outline.

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1.         Social Media and its Impact on the Information Environment (1 hour)

This module will highlight how social media has changed the information environment in which organizations now operate.  It will explain why organization cannot continue to avoid having a social media presence and what organizations must do to capitalize on it while protecting themselves in this domain.

2.         Social Media Platforms 101 (1 hour)

This module will provide participants an overview of the key platforms used by stakeholders.  The module will explain the strengths and weaknesses of each platform and give participants an insight into how they can use the social media “trinity” to build their organization’s social media presence.

3.         Brand/ Employee Ambassador (1 hour)

Organizations currently frown on their employees using social media.  This is a mistake as employees are a ready, credible and powerful source with which to engage your stakeholders. This module will share with participants how the best companies use employee ambassadors as well as teach participants how to establish social media usage policies for their own organizations.

4.         DIY Social Media Monitoring (1 hour)

Once an organization has taken the step to be online, social media monitoring is an important component of that strategy.  For smaller companies, the use of professional media monitors is not only unnecessary, but a waste of money.  This module will teach participants how they can set-up their own social media monitoring capability using free online tools.

5.         Managing Negative Online Mentions (2 hours)

With or without an online presence, your organization will receive negative online mentions.  This module will teach participants a simple but powerful framework with which to analyze the mention, determine its impact on your stakeholders and the possible “text-box” response you can take.

6.         Use of Social Media in Crisis Management (2 hours)

Participants will be taught a crisis management framework and how to develop theme and messages.  Participants will then go through an exercise to develop a crisis communications plan incorporating the use of social media as a communication channel.

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