Sunday, April 22, 2012

In Polite and Vehement Objection to 'Singaporeans Too Weak? LOL' - For all our NSFs/NSmen past, present, future.

The insensitive comment posted by Zheng Huiting about the unfortunately death of PTE Lee Rui Feng Dominique Sarron had angered many who are, who have and who will one day don the uniform and heed the call of National Service.

As was customary, many in the service quietly seethed in anger and remained silent as speaking-out without proper approval was against the rules.  Fortunately, there was one brave officer who felt strongly enough over the ingratitude of the citizen(s) for which PTE Lee paid the ultimate sacrifice.  Attached in the link which Choy Yongcong wrote on his Facebook page.

The resultant outpouring of support by netizens for Choy Yongcong's posting and the recognition of the sacrifices of PTE Lee (and of those who have fallen before him) have silenced critiques the likes of Zheng Huiting.  The overwhelming favorable response by netizens in support of Choy and PTE Lee does not surprise me as I have always believed that no one can tell the story better than those that live it.  As such, I have always been an advocate of the use of employees as brand ambassadors.

If the Singapore Armed Forces or another other organizations need proof on the effectiveness of employee ambassadors, I think this is it.  

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