Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thought-Leadership in Crisis Communications

CW Fong & Associates is proud to annouce that its white paper on the Impact of Social Media on Crisis Communications has been included in the eBook edition of Insiders Know-How: Public Relations. At CW Fong & Associates, we view this as further evidence of our thought-leadership in the area of crisis communications.

Public-relations specialists make flower arrangements of the facts, placing them so that the wilted and less attractive petals are hidden by sturdy blooms. 

And yet this science,  art, intuition,  sixth sense -  call it what you will -   can be a frustrating,  tortuous process to perfect.  In the meantime, while you’re honing your craft, you still have a business to run. By reading this book you have made the challenge of managing a public relations consultancy just a little bit easier.   

During the course of three years we have trekked the globe and canvassed some of the brightest minds in the business.  Our mission was to task these thought-leaders with tackling head on some of the dilemmas and obstacles that you might find in running a modern-day PR consultancy.   

The result is nothing short of eye opening.  Many books on PR focus on classroom theory, abstract principle and esoteric notions of business management in a perfect world.  Insiders Know-How:  Public Relations shines a spotlight on the practical, real-world issues that you face every day. By offering workable solutions to these problems, this book will make running your consultancy just that little bit easier.

For those interested to purchase a copy of the eBook, you may do as so at this link

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