Saturday, September 10, 2011

Role of Employees in Crisis Communication

In Aug 2011, the Altimeter Group published an interesting report on the impact of social media. In its report, based on studies on 50 social media crisis, Altimeter Group concluded that 76% of these crisis could have been avoided if the companies involved had put in place the necessary organisation structures, staff processes and social media policies.

Based on their research, Altimeter Group identified that “advanced” companies that use social media had correctly identified the crucial role their rank and file employees play in the social media environment. These companies then not only allowed employee usage, but encouraged employees to use social media professionally. This is something I had blogged about on 2 Sep 2010 in my posting on “SIA Crew Warned over Facebook Use” where I mooted the idea of creating “ambassadors.

As a system, at the employee level, “advanced” companies were observed to have established (a) a robust and comprehensive social media policies that guide employees on what they can or cannot disclose; and (b) introduced corporate social media training programmes that taught employees on the correct use of social media.

Judging from the successes reported by these “advanced” companies, I think it is time that Singapore companies embrace the notion of developing their own social media “ambassadors”.


P.S. It feels good when research substantiates your thinking.  :-)

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