Thursday, December 16, 2010

Delivering the Truth is the Duty of the PR Professional

In response to my earlier post on the Pierre Png road rage incident, I received a comment that PR Professionals are not interested in the truth.

While I can understand the reader's perspective, I am afraid that delivering the truth is the duty of the PR Professional.  This is because social media has created a perfect information environment in which nothing stays hidden forever.  Any PR Professional that encourages, or allows, his client to be less than truthful is being irresponsible.

So if PR Professionals only deal in the truth, why then do we need them?

The answer is simple.  While the truth will always reveal itself, unfortunately the manner in which is does is not predictable.  Leaving it to chance may then result in the "truth" taking on a life of its own and going off in tangents that are not beneficial to the company.  In some instances, minor incidents may be blown out of proportion and result in the destruction of the company's reputation and brand image. 

Hence, in the era of social media, the PR Professionals' role is to deliver the truth in a controlled manner with the interest of the company and its stakeholders in mind.  Delivering the truth is thus the duty of the PR Professional.

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