Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Internal Communications

Singapore.  (29 Sep 10)

Following up from my 2 Sep 2010 posting on "SIA Crew Warned over Facebook Use" (where I advocated that organisations should seek to engage and educate employee bloggers to make them ambassadors for the organisation), I received a comment that an employee is unlikely to use his personal blog or facebook account to support the company's cause.

While I fully agree with this observation, I must clarify that the primary purpose of engaging the employee blogger is not to seek his support of the company's cause, but to minimise potential opposition based on the lack of information or facts.  In addition, most bloggers want to be seen as objective and rational, and an engaged blogger is more inclined to come to the defence of the company if criticised by an outsider.

Hence my proposal to engage employee bloggers has, as its primary objective, the prevention of negative publicity.

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