Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Value of Pre-empting Negative News

Reference my earlier blog about the "no show" of the international celebrity, the news release did its job to frame the crisis and mitigate any potential fall-outs.

While there were media enquiries about his "no show", the PR Team referred the media to the New Release it had issued prior to the show. From the fact that the media did not play-up the story, it appears that the New Release was sufficient to placate media interest.

In the early stages of a crisis, the PR Team is always faced with a dilemma on whether to react or not. One school of thought says that reacting will only bring attention to the crisis and spur media interest, while another school of thought says that we need to be open and pro-active to frame the crisis and hopefully mitigate its impact.

This real life example demonstrates that, in the age of new media, it is always better to respond than not.

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