Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Public Relations Professionals: The Silent Professionals Working Behind the Scene

During a recent assignment, I had the pleasure of working with a team of dedicated interns and temp staff attached to my Public Relations Team. A common gripe among them was that no one seems to appreciate the hard work and sacrifices of the Public Relations Team and that people only remember the mistakes.

This reminded me of an assertion made by the author of the book The Black Swan. In the book, the author highlighted the flaw in our society where we reward those that let mistakes happen and then save the day, rather than reward those that are so good at their jobs in the first instance that mistakes don't happen.

This is an unfortunate but sad fact of the Public Relations Professionals' role in any company. The only consolation that I could offer my team was the knowledge that we were the silent professionals working behind the scene to ensure everything went smoothly. Hopefully, some day, company CEOs will remember us and give us our due rewards. Until that day, my advise to my team of Public Relations Professionals was to seek personal satisfaction for a job well done.

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