Sunday, August 22, 2010

Facilitating Media Interviews

The most common mistake new PR Professionals make in facilitating interviews is allowing reporters to control the pace and direction of the interviews.  This is usually not a problem if the reporter is objective.

It must be remembered that the Reporter-PR Professional relationship is a symbiotic one.  Hence, as much as the reporter would like you to believe, he needs you as much as you need him.

With this understanding on the "balance of power", the PR Professionals is not at the mercy of the reporter.  Hence, during the interview, the PR Professional can and should control the pace and direction of the interview.  This will include such basic things as the start and end time of the interview and the "no go" areas/ topics.

In additional, during the course of the interview, the PR Professional should not hesitate to come in to stop the interview if the reporter does not abide by the pre-agreed "no go" topics or if the reporter becomes hostile towards the interviewee.

Remember, the PR Professionals primary responsibility is to the company and by extension the interviewee.

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