Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Driving Force Behind Newspapers

Singapore (22 August 2010).  I was just surfing the net earlier this morning and I came across this posting on The Temasek Review (TR)  (

The blog was essentially criticising a report in The Straits Times citing extensive coverage in the international media on the YOG.  The author proceeded to give a blow by blow account of how The Straits Times was misleading Singaporeans.

When I reflected on this article, what came to mind was the fact that any newspaper (or new agency for that matter) exist for the sole purpose of making money for their stakeholders.  Hence, the main aim of any newspaper is to sell newspapers and the only way they can sell (and continue to sell) newspaper is to give their readers what they want to read.

As a PR Professional, what this teaches me is that we must fully understand the target audience of any news agency we approach.  Pitching our stories to those that are not interested is a waste of effort, while pitching our stories to those who are "against" our employers will likely result in negative stories.

The key to a successful story is thus finding the correct newspaper to reach our target audience.  As a rule of thumb, newspapers exist to inform, educate and entertain their readers.

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